Venn Healthcare Workshop with Stuart Brown

MSK Podiatrist, Shockwave Lecturer, and Premier League Football Club Trainer/Advisor for Venn Healthcare / Storz Medical

Stuart Brown, an advanced podiatrist and lower limb specialist, has practiced Shockwave Therapy since 2014. Serving as an educator for Venn Healthcare, Stuart also teaches at Premier League football clubs where Venn sets up shockwave services. With a unique grasp of pain and movement, Stuart integrates biomechanics, fascia, and shockwave techniques at Midlands Shockwave Clinic, drawing from 20 years of diverse training.

Wednesday 7th February – Presentation/ Part 1 – Shockwave – Beyond Tendonopathy – The Lower Limb

Thursday 8th February – Presentation / Part 2 -Enhanced Plantar Fasciitis Outcomes – Shockwave

Discover groundbreaking applications of shockwave therapy in conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, First Joint, Morton’s Neuroma, and Achilles tendinopathy. Stuart Brown, drawing on his extensive experience, blends theory, evidence-based practices, and live demos in this workshop, providing a well-rounded approach to elevate standards in lower limb care.