Leading Practice Masterclass with Emily Ball and Paul Kinkaid

Emily Ball BSc(Hons), MRCPod, FFPM RCPS (Glasgow)

Emily Ball is a Leadership Coach & Speaker, Author, Business Mentor and Founder of Active Step Healthcare Ltd.

Since starting her private podiatry practice in 2011 Emily has been a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and has used her extensive experience and successful approach to support other practice owners around the world with business coaching, mentoring and leadership development.

Following a shock diagnosis of Leukaemia in her 3 year old daughter in November 2021, she was forced to completely step out of her practice to care for her daughter. Recognising how her circumstances, although rare, had highlighted dependence on her as a leader she rapidly focussed on the development of her team to create leaders throughout her Practice. She co-founded Leading Practice Ltd to support other Practice leaders to develop practice resilience and leadership capability in their teams and themselves as she did in her own Practice. Emily has since published a book titled “Practice Resilience” where she shares her experiences and leadership lessons for the benefit of other practice leaders.

In her coaching she tends to focus on:

  • Building Practice resilience
  • Developing multifaceted leadership capability.
  • Organisational culture

Emily’s experience is set against a backdrop of academic and vocational qualifications as well as lived experience.

She is known for her innate ability to help her clients gain clarity and certainty, thus building confidence in their own ability to achieve their personal and practice goals.

Paul Kinkaid BEng(Hons), PGCE(PCET), MSc (Leicester), MAC

Paul Kinkaid is an Executive Leadership Coach specialising in developing C-level executives and top teams.

Before his leadership consultancy business, Paul was a senior officer in the British Army. He commanded elite teams in 44 countries across 5 continents, including the first British deployment to Ukraine. With experience leading in some of the most challenging environments imaginable as an officer in Elite Commando Forces Paul’s leadership skills are second to none. He also served as Head of the British Army’s Training Development Capability, where he oversaw a budget of £196M and led a team of 400. Notably, he was decorated by Queen Elizabeth II, President G.W. Bush, and the Sultan of Brunei.

Today in his consultancy work, he focuses on self, team, and strategy. Paul’s leadership philosophy centres on the idea that great leadership comes from a position of care. His work across public, private, and charity sectors has included working with ultra-high net worth individuals and companies up to £50bn capitalisation and individual projects of £2bn budget cap, focussing on rapid change and sustainable growth.

He operates with the confidence expected of one with his background but also with an unexpected sensitivity, quickly building rapport and an emotional bond with clients. Paul’s trademark calm approach simply works and is wholly aimed at achieving strategic and personal outcomes, or what he calls “the desired end-state.”

His unwavering commitment to getting the best from leaders means he is adept at:

  • Developing strategically aligned top teams.
  • Removing toxic and dysfunctional behaviours.
  • Accelerating organisational performance.

His experience is underpinned by an array of academic and vocational qualifications including BEng (Hons) in Materials Engineering from Swansea University, a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and Training from Newport, MSc in Human Resource Development and Performance Management from Leicester and a Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Direction and Leadership from Manchester Business School. He also holds an Advanced Executive Coaching and Mentoring qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management and is a Member of the Association for Coaching. He is a TEDx and keynote speaker on Forensic Leadership and is authoring a book on the same topic.

Building Resilience through Emotional Contagion: A Masterclass for Healthcare Leaders

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare leadership, the ability to navigate challenges with resilience is paramount. The workshop, “Building Resilience through Emotional Contagion: A Masterclass for Healthcare Leaders,” offers a transformative journey for leaders seeking to fortify their emotional resilience and elevate their teams in the process.

This masterclass delves into the profound impact of emotional contagion within healthcare settings, exploring how leaders can harness this phenomenon to cultivate a resilient and empowered workforce. Participants will gain insights into the intricacies of emotional intelligence, learning to not only recognise and regulate their own emotions but also to skilfully influence the emotional climate of their teams.

Join us for this masterclass, where healthcare leaders will emerge not only with enhanced resilience but also with the tools to inspire resilience in others, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout their organisations. Elevate your leadership to new heights and empower your teams to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.