Rakhee Shah

Entrepreneur, Operational & Clinical Lead

An accomplished leader with 20 years of clinical experience. Holding portfolios in the NHS private practice as well as the volunteer sector. Known for her captivating speaking style, she shares authentic stories and innovative reflective insights in a fun enjoyable and memorable way.

Rakhee is passionate about connecting and helping others do leadership in a totally different way. And when she isn’t doing that she enjoys spending time with her rabbits, dogs, and pursuing her artistic and creative hobbies.

Do you have Leader-shit in your Leader-ship?

A light hearted, fun, honest exploration into the highs lows and messes of being a leader. We shall explore some of the difficulties experienced when we end up in charge! Together with the possible to-do and not-to-do approaches in overcoming challenges.

Come and learn from someone else’s muddy puddle splashes and pick up a few short cuts along the way.