K-Laser UK

The Many Applications of K-Laser Therapy In Podiatry, with Focus on Matricectomy

Thursday 8th at 12:00

K-Laser therapy is used by Podiatrists around the world for MSK, pain management, Verrucae, Onychomycosis and wound healing. But a new revolutionary application has been developed and successfully tested: laser matricectomy. With a small pin-point surgical tip, K-Laser can now do accurate ablative procedures – cauterising, sterilising and cutting simultaneously. In this workshop we will present the data from the year-long study carried out at Foot Medic Glasgow.

Phenol matricectomy has been the standard treatment for ingrown toenails for years, but this new therapeutic laser with surgical head presents a modern alternative that offers several advantages, including reduced tissue trauma, less postoperative pain, faster recovery, and better cosmetic outcomes.

An overview of the other K-Laser Therapy applications – musculoskeletal, verrucae, onychomycosis, wound healing, pain management – will also be offered during the workshop.

For more information visit stand 17 or write to info@klaseruk.co.uk