Sarah O’Connell

Lecturer in Podiatric Medicine at University of Galway
Owner & Podiatrist at Momentum Foot and Ankle Specialists

Sarah is a Podiatrist/Owner of Momentum Foot and Ankle Specialists. She is a Podiatry graduate of the University of Galway and has a MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Ulster. Her interest in sports medicine has led her to working with elite athletes, particularly professional rugby teams in the West of Ireland.

She is also a full-time lecturer in Podiatric Medicine at the University of Galway. She is part of the MSK teaching team, specialising in orthotic therapy. Having spent five years working in Firefly Orthoses Ltd., she has a unique experience in orthotic product design, material choices, and pathology specific modifications and additions. She is has recently completed a postgraduate certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning and is hoping to pursue this area further.

Orthotic Interventions: A Strategic Approach to Alleviating Forefoot Pain in Athletes
Dealing with the Athletic Population as a Podiatrist involves understanding and modifying loads that cause injury. Orthotic therapy can be a useful tool to externally manage these loads as part of a wider treatment plan. With a growing body of evidence around the use and access of force/pressure plates, we get a clearer clinical perspective of individual pressure/force distribution and their link to injuries. This presentation will use the current literature on forefoot pressures and orthoses to create an evidence-based strategic management plan for treating forefoot pain in this population.