Nick Knight

Director and Podiatrist

I run NK Active, a dedicated MSK Rehab and Podiatry service, with a focus on getting results and putting research into practice. I have an interest in Plantar plate injuries, 3D gait analysis and MTSS. I published my research into MTSS in runners and want to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice. I have been fortunate enough to be on the Salomon think tank, part of the 2012 Podiatric medical team at the Olympics. I am also a visiting lecturer at the University of Southampton.

Clinical reasoning; Where science meets art and art meets science

Finding the balance between an evidenced based diagnosis and treatment (the science) and the ability to individualise to each patient’s unique situation (the art), is a challenge to all practitioners. It is neatly summarised by the well know phrase “In theory, theory and practice are the same; in practice, they are not”. This presentation will explore the issues and provide a framework around taking an appropriate history to guide the clinical evaluation, appropriate investigations, diagnosis and patient centred management. It will include a practical session of clinical simulation to highlight provide insight into this process.