Laura Welsh

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Podiatrist

I only qualified as a podiatrist in 2017 from Glasgow Caledonian University. In my previous working life, I trained as a nurse which I absolutely hated, worked with individuals with alcohol and drug-induced mental health issues and worked in a few different office environments. During my nursing studies, I worked in a Vascular ward, and this is when I was first introduced to the role of Podiatry.

Initially, my interests were in MSK and creating orthotics. I loved making devices and getting them to look good however getting them to correct the issues proved to be the more challenging part. MSK is about trial and error and it is subjective. Being dyslexic, I like processes, patterns, and routines. This somehow led me down the pathway I am on just now.

My clinic specialises in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Podiatry treatments. Having worked in mental health for several years, I understand pain can manifest in many ways and not just be classed as a definitive “physical pain” that we can describe using adjectives such as sharp, stabbing, and tingling. Our treatment list varies from traditional treatments such as verruca, nail surgeries and callous reduction to Botox injections, dermal fillers for corns and a prescription service with blood collection for fungal nails.

#Podiatry is Evolving