Rebecca Rodger

BSc (Hons) Podiatry
Medical Affairs Specialist – Advanced Wound Care

Having qualified from Glasgow Caledonian, I started my career as an MSK Specialist Podiatrist working for an orthotics distribution company, which I helped to develop into a multi-disciplinary clinic, working as the manager, as well as providing product support to other AHPs and speaking at conferences.

Recently, I made the leap into the medical device industry and now work as a Medical Affairs Specialist for the global company Convatec in Advanced Wound Care. I am extremely lucky to so far have such an interesting and varied career and hopefully sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired will help other Podiatrists in their own clinical practice!

Biofilm: The barrier to wound healing?

Biofilm is particularly tenacious in chronic or hard-to-heal wounds and may delay healing, its removal is of clinical importance and requires a multi-faceted approach, including physical removal through targeted wound hygiene. In this presentation we shall discuss the impact that biofilm has on wound healing, and how implementing the four- step Wound Hygiene Protocol in your clinical practice can lead to better outcomes for your patients1.

1. Murphy, C., Atkin, L., Vega de Ceniga, M., Weir, D., Swanson, T., Walker, A., Mrozikiewicz-Rakowska, B., Ciprandi, G., Martínez, J.L.L. and Černohorská, J. (2022). Embedding Wound Hygiene into a proactive wound healing strategy. Journal of Wound Care, 31(Sup4a), pp.S1–S19. doi: