George Cummins

Director of Gait and Motion Technology

George is Director of Gait and Motion Technology, providing cutting-edge biomechanics solutions to private clinics, research and elite sport.

He also founder of Gait and Motion Clinics; the UK’s largest network of private healthcare practices, with over 350 clinics offering the latest Footscan technology and award-winning Phits 3D printed orthoses.

George has been involved in the ongoing development of 3D printed orthoses for the past 9 years and has worked with multiple British and World Champion athletes to reduce injury risk, aid rehabilitation and improve performance.

Step into the future of data-driven 3D printed orthoses

2D v 3D foot scanning? Level up with 4D!

Dynamic analysis of the foot in motion is imperative when prescribing orthoses to identify asymmetries or abnormalities in timing, stability, pressure, force and impulse. But what if we could directly merge this dynamic data with the static 3D foot shape to optimise patient outcomes? Well, now we can!

4D analysis takes the concept of 3D scanning a step further by introducing the dimension of time, incorporating dynamic changes and movements to create a more interactive and immersive experience for the clinician and patient, like never seen before!

Accurate, repeatable, durable, sustainable. The future is now!