Foothealth UK Workshop with Kieran Carew

Director of Foothealth UK

Kieran Carew has always had a passion for sports and fitness, and it was his sporting passion that introduced him to the podiatry profession. While playing Hurling, he developed severe shin splints, and his doctor referred him to a podiatrist.

After his initial assessment, the podiatrist prescribed orthotics.

Kieran openly admits he had no idea what a podiatrist was and when he was first handed his orthotics he felt violated. How could something that looked just like a shoe-innersole cost so much?

Well, to his surprise, the orthotics cured his shin splints. Because of his engineering background, he needed to investigate further how a simple-looking device could have such a dramatic, positive effect on his lower limb biomechanics.

3D Printed Orthotics – The advancements, the myths and what is truly best for your patient.

Why is 3D printing growing in the Orthotic industry? Looking at the benefits, capabilities, and discovering what is actually best for your patient.