Martijn JA Belien MSc. IE & M

Director and Member EXO-L International

Martijn is of Dutch descent and lives in Belgium. After his master’s degree at Eindhoven University of Technology, he had a long international career at Philips Healthcare. As director and member of EXO-L International, he is now fully committed to preventing ankle sprains, through the ultimate solution on the market: EXO-L.

EXO-L Ankle Brace / Safety Belt for ankle sprains, and EXO-L UP for drop foot

Introduction and explanation of the innovative EXO-L Ankle Brace / Safety Belt. Why is EXO-L a “safety belt” rather than a brace? How is it possible that more than >95% of ankle sprains can be prevented? How can this be so comfortable? Why are 3D scanning and 3D printing so important? Is EXO-L the ultimate solution against ankle sprains? Can patients with drop foot really wear EXO-L UP all day long, without irritation and pain? Can podiatrists, physiotherapists and orthopedists in the UK now offer this to their patients? For this and a few other challenging thoughts, join the workshop!