Maggie Trevillion

Founder – Callen Olive

Over the last ten years, I have been at the forefront of my successful, multi-award-winning podiatry clinic, Walk This Way Podiatry. I must admit it has been a fulfilling and exciting journey.

I believe prevention is the most effective way to enjoy optimum leg and foot health, and having a positive attitude of self-love for our body is paramount to achieving it. This is my philosophy, and I am determined to champion it. So I’m now embarking on a new exciting venture with my new brand, Callen Olive.

Callen Olive brings to the market a new concept of highly effective yet luxurious skincare products for legs and feet. Combining medical podiatry expertise with extensive scientific research and the finest naturally-derived ingredients to target specific leg and foot issues and create formulations that heal, prevent and simply blow your mind away. I believe this is the future of foot care and what the Callen Olive foot care range aims to achieve. It is my intention to position Callen Olive as a market leader in podiatry skincare, making it available to podiatry, beauty and wellbeing clinics, as well as premium cosmetic retailers internationally.