Estelle Humphris and Max Martin

Podiatrist and Exercise Physiologist

Estelle is a Podiatrist who had a lack of confidence in gait analysis when she left uni. Her mentors struggled to help her with the advice she was seeking to learn how to break down the mechanics of why certain gait patterns may be occurring.
She worked hard to improve her skills and understanding of gait mechanics and wanted to create a resource for others to help them fill in the gaps in knowledge that new grads often struggle with. She created The Gait Movement, an online learning platform providing her courses on gait analysis.

When she met her partner, Max Martin, a very experienced Exercise Physiologist of 20 years, he loved her concept and motives and jumped on board helping to create content. Together, they have adapted some of Max’s movement analysis techniques to create a Framework to guide young clinicians to work through their gait analysis and biomechanical assessment in a methodical and efficient manner.