Colin Papworth

Podiatrist / Clinic Owner

I have been working as a podiatrist since 1999 and working with runners for most of the last 20 years at all levels of ability. I have a clinic in a running shop as well as my other clinics. This gives me access to trying many different running shoes and also providing up to date information for my patients. I work independently and as part of multidisciplinary teams that include coaches, physios, sports therapists at all levels. My main interest has been in working with runners to develop their running technique to help with efficiency and injury recover and prevention.

Although these are fairly broad statements I feel that we need to understand the way someone moves and work them to make changes to this. I have worked with movement coaches and use yoga, Pilates and breathwork to address movement changes and try to address all the relevant areas of the runners lifestyle. Most of my running assessment are carried out in the clinic, or just outside, but I also take people up on the hills close to where I have my clinics so we can analyse them in their normal running environments. I see a lot of fell and trail runners and it is good to be able to analyse in the hills. I have produced and led workshops for the general public that range for 1hour to all day events looking at running technique. I have produced workshops for therapists to learn how to assess runners and carried out many talks to local clubs and running groups.