How it works for Osgo Members

The Foot and Ankle Show was born out of a desire to unite the diverse community dedicated to foot health – a collective of clinicians, innovators, researchers, health promoters, and more. Our goal has always been to create a platform where everyone involved in the foot health industry could come together, share knowledge, and drive change.

We’re delighted to continue supporting our members’ CPD needs by providing top quality content on a regular basis – aiming to address all the topics that are most relevant to your practice.

All Osgo members will receive automatic access and receive access credentials in late August

We will send out credentials to access the Foot and Ankle Show Digital in late August, as well as a few reminders and teasers of what to look out for. You’ll be given a username and password which will give you full access.


It’s not just the new content

That’s right! You’ll not only be able to access all the new presentations that will be released but a catalogue of 100+ presentations that we’ve curated over the course of running the Foot and Ankle Show Digital. It’s incredible value that we’re proud to deliver to our members time and time again.


Want to join us?

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Any more questions?

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