Enjoy your Christmas break 🎄

We’re now off on until New Year so leave you with some of the greatest hits from the very first Foot and Ankle Show. 8 fantastic speakers that helped kick off the show that continues to bring the best of the world of Foot Health to your door. Our next event is live in Liverpool once more on the 7th and 8th February – if you haven’t booked your tickets yet book here. It’s the biggest one yet.

Ben Cormack

Key things clinicians need to know about pain

Nick Knight

Mid portion achilles tendinopathy in runners

Ian Griffiths

Should we still call foot orthoses “biomechanical” devices

Tyson Franklin

The Power of Niching Down

Dr Aoife Healy

A simple clinical test to assess foot and ankle muscle strength

Jennifer Bailey

How to start a shoe brand: the Calla journey so far

Simon Dickinson

Drop Foot: Maximising patient outcomes

Dave Buchanan

Composite afos and normatised motion